The Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center is located on the fourth floor of the Student Union Memorial Center in suite 402. The Transfer Student Center has a lounge area for you to read, work on laptops, meet up with other transfer students or simply take a break between classes.

The role of the Transfer Student Center is to provide services for transfer students to assist in your transition to the University of Arizona. Transfer Center staff can provide assistance and support to you in your adjustment to the University by being a welcoming point of contact, creating a sense of community and connecting you to vital institutional resources. Additionally, staff will be advocates for intentional policies and practices that meet the needs of transfer students and improve your university experience.

The creation and development of the Transfer Student Center helps to establish a sense of space and belonging on the UA campus for transfer students. It also provides a place to start if you are in need of assistance. At the Center, you will encounter knowledgeable and friendly professional staff or peer transfer student assistants who can provide a listening ear, information, troubleshooting assistance or an appropriate referral. The Center professionals provide individual appointments to assist you and work with other departments to provide coordinated assistance where necessary. This coordination affords an introduction and smooth transition to services, and allows for more efficient use of your limited time by connecting you directly to the resource or person you need.