Enrolled Transfer Students

You are now an admitted and enrolled UA student, ready to “bear down” academically as well as connect to that “Wildcat” community spirit! However, we know that your pathways may be different from some other students. You may have less time to complete your degree; therefore you want to be really focused on the important things that matter.

So here are some things to think about. Have you set academic goals and created a plan for yourself? If you have not already done so, this can be a very critical aspect to helping you use your time and resources wisely. Meet with your Academic Advisor as often as you need to, but at least once a semester before priority registration periods. S/He can help you think through where you are trying to go academically and the best way to map it out. Also, consider using Career Services resources as you are working on your plans, you’ll find synergy and partnership by joining these two aspects together as you develop your plan.

A Tip about Academic Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and an academic advisor. Academic advisors can serve as an excellent resource and guide to students as they navigate University processes and make decisions about their academic lives. An academic advisor is distinguished from all of the other professionals who will assist you while attending the UA in that they are the only individuals with the authority to certify when all graduation requirements have been completed. In other words, they alone can say when you are ready to graduate! For many reasons, it is important to establish a working relationship, right away, with your academic advisor

All UA students have at least one academic advisor in their major field of study, two if they have a double major, or are pursuing a minor. The current contact information for UA academic advisors is available at http://advising.arizona.edu, select Contact an Advisor, and find your advisor listed either by college or by major.

Students should meet regularly, or at least once a semester, with their academic advisor. It is especially important for transfer students to meet with their advisor since they are responsible for determining how transfer credit may apply to your degree program at the UA.

The peak time for advising appointments coincides with the period called priority registration (see the schedule of classes for the dates). This is naturally a time when many students think to consult with their advisor. It is preferable to reserve this peak advising period for quick questions and possible clarification of items already discussed with your advisor during a previous one-on-one appointment. In other words, the best time to meet with your academic advisor is during non-priority registration times. In addition, many departments are unable to process change of major requests during priority registration which is yet another reason to meet with an academic advisor during non-priority registration periods whenever possible.

Useful Links

Use the links under Academic Resources to learn more about academic advising, transfer of credits, academic placement and assistive resources to help you succeed at the University of Arizona.

Campus Resources will link you to housing, Campus Life, veterans and multicultural support, as well as other resources to help you transition into the UA community.